Flutist saxophonist composer Dimitri Karaganis was born in Piraeus Greece.
Studied classical flute at the Hellenic Conservatory with Spiros Papikinos and at the Athens Conservatory with swiss flutist Urs Ruttiman. From very early, his interest for the improvisation and jazz leads him to study the saxophone and piano. In addition to his studies on classical music, he was engaged in Jazz and has cooperated with many acclaimed Jazz musicians of the Greek Jazz Scene.
In 1985 cooperates with the guitarist Andrea Georgiu and participate in his two personal albums, Talisman (1986) and Modus Vivendi 1994.
 He has performed with various groups in Athens and in Thessaloniki where he remained between 1988-1996. In 1990 meets the NewYork trumpet player Danny Hayes and takes from him courses of improvisation while important moment for his career it was his acquaintance with the American drummer Billy Hart. In these years he plays a leading part in the creation of many groups: 1993 latin jazz group ''Frontera'' with drummer Takis Mparmpas,pianist Giannis Tsampazis,bassist Christos Tsaprazis and guitarist Ap.Mpizakis.
1994 ''Flat five''with Vasilis Tziatzias,Christos Germenoglu,Nik Salonitis and pianist Gregory Simadopoulos .
 In 1994-96 performs with the latin-jazz group ''Aroma Caribe'' (a collaboration that began again the summer 2002 with a tour in all Greece) and with ''We're enough'' a group with soul – funk repertory.
In 1995 as first tenor sax is involved with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki under
 the direction of Byron Fidetzis (stravinsky Ebony Concerto 1945).
Ιn 1999 he formed with drummer N. Kapilidis ''Empnus jazz quintet'' and performed at Santorini 3rd jazz festival.
At the same festival he cooperates with the Israeli guitarist Mordy Ferber.
Summer of 2002 tours with the National Theatre of Northern Greece.
Ηe has participated in a Musical ''Jekyll and Hyde'' in 2004, directed by
George Kimoulis and '' little shop of horror'' 2006 directed by v.andritsou and Themis Marsellou. 1996-1998-2004 cooperates with Agami Thite.
 From October of 2005 he is member of KOEM orchestra under the direction of the chief
 music director and composer Stavros Xarchakos. He has performed live,or recorded with several contemporary  and popular Greek artists such us: Agami Thite ,Xristos Thiveos,Alkinoos Ioannidis,,Dimitra Galani, Dimitris Papadimitiu, Tania Tsanaklidou,Dim Mitropanos,Vasilis Lekas,Dimitris Zervudakis ,Marios Tokas,Lukianos Kilaidonis,Eleni Dimu,Gianis Spanos, Kostas Xatzis,Marinela,Themis Andreadis and many others.

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